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Aquarius Full Moon Tension

Welcome to the place of tension and contradiction. With this full moon happening in Aquarius this opens the energy for potential conflict with yourself and others. Aquarius is a sign that does not like enforced change and with the full moon it can create some energy that makes you want to achieve yours goals. However, any roadblocks in that path can cause irritability and an inner tension. This can make it difficult to relax when needed. Make sure you take time for self-care and have some fun.

Relationship issues in the next two weeks will be in sharper focus. The battle of work life vs home life will struggle on with added tension and conflict. (Thanks for that Universe!) By using your intuition and strength you can overcome this. Strive for balance and harmony, even if you need to compromise. If you need to walk away or let go of a situation it can help you find clarity.

The main energy around this Full Moon is one of renewal and strength. It may feel like you are fighting against a current, but if you just let go you will be able to ride it out. Career/Job may be asking you to step up your game with training or just more practice in preparation for something great. Begin by clearing your negative mental obstacles by becoming aware of them. Then, change the mental tape to a positive way of thinking. This will help you get out of a mental funk. Do not be afraid of acting quickly to new opportunities during this time. Because quick thinking and action will get you the best rewards in the long run.

During this Full Moon if you would like to release an issue from your past that is presenting itself, you might want to try this ritual. All you will need: makings for the cleansing ritual bath, your usual ritual items, paper, pen, lighter, and a fire safe container.

1. Pick a past relationship or emotional issue that feels prominent right now.

2. Write a letter to your past self, stating forgiveness, understanding, and the willingness to let it go.

3. Write a letter to your present self, stating what you have learned for the situation. (Yes, there is a


4. Take a ritual bath or meditate. Focus on cleansing the issues from your physical and energetic bodies.

Think about the situation and the knowledge you have gained.

5. Set up your sacred space for your full moon ritual as usual.

6. When you are ready in a cauldron or fire safe container, rip up the letter to the past you and place it on

the cauldron. Lit the paper. Visualize the emotional issues and all attachments leaving your physical and

energetic bodies. Watch the smoke to rise to the Universe taking the issue with it. Let it burn out


7. Take the present letter and fold it up thinking of all the knowledge and experience you have gained.

Place the paper in the cauldron. Lit it and visualize this positive energy filling up your physical and

energetic bodies. Watch the smoke rise to the Universe and feel how much lighter and positive you are.

8. Give thanks to the Divine in any way you wish.

9. Do something to celebrate the new you.

What are some things you need to release during this full moon?

Happy Full Moon!!

Namaste Nerdys


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