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Fiery Full Moon

Oct. 20, 2021

This wonderful Full Moon will greet us with a very positive energy that will give a sense of steadiness, determination, preparedness, and success. With the Full Moon in Aries there is a strong urge of energy injected into stale issues or situations. This Aries energy will lend a fiery hot vibe to the Moon energy. This means that it allows us to express our emotions in a non-constrained way. Giving us a chance to feel through issues and emotions in a pure and undiluted way. The planet Mars is in Libra which brings in a strong sense of leadership. This person will have the ability to bring out the best in everyone. During this time, we are given the chance to see beyond the veil of the ego and it’s needs to see what is truly there. Mars is square Pluto means that the block in our current success is from acts of ruthlessness, jealousy, and aggression.

This Full Moon is a Blood or Hunter’s Moon. In Ancient times this was when the preparations for winter were happening. The fields and gardens were being harvested and stored for the long winter. The daylight is shortened and the night longer, there is less time for harvest and more time for hunting at night. The light of this full moon allows the hunters can see their prey better.

The numerology of this Full Moon adds up to an 8. Eight days are notorious for being days of great reward and rebirth. During this phase of the lunar cycle, will bring rewards and a long-awaited success. On a higher spiritual level this phase may call for you to have strength and courage. We also may need to show compassion with ourselves or others. Remember we have control over our physical with our spiritual gifts. Swift growth can happen on our spiritual journey during this phase, which means swift thinking or change may be call upon. Our minds may have us in conflict or fearful of possible bad news. We think we are isolated from our path, but we just need to look around to see our path and our spiritual support system. Some issues may cause for us to walk away no matter how emotionally difficult it may be. In this Full Moon stage there is a great time to release some emotionally stagnant issues. The financial and material energy in this time is telling us to keep patient and keep learning and prepare for growth or advancement in your career.

Adding a divination practice to your ritual can help you with seeing a clear path or to help you decide on a path. One divination practice is using a pendulum and a pendulum board. You can make a pendulum with a simple metal washer on a string and pendulum board can be a piece paper. On the paper draw a circle and divide the circle on the “pie” sections of yes, no, maybe, and ask again. On another piece of paper write out your questions, make sure the answers can be an either a yes or no. Make sure you record your answers. You can add a meditation for clarity before you start.

The energy of this Full Moon is here to help you bring what you need to you with a fierce and fast energy. But beware not to burn to hot because it can cause you to falter in your success.

What are you doing this Aries Full Moon?

Namaste Nerdys


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