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Intentions for dreams and compassion

In this time of the darken moon we look inward to discover our dreams and unconscious desires. This is an excellent time for manifesting your desires into your life. It is also a time of new beginnings with the moon in Pisces. This allows compassion and empathy to arise for us to search our dreams and imagination. When we are ready in our mind, body, and spirit our goals can form into a reality.

Before beginning a new moon ritual do a tarot /oracle spread to focus the goal to manifest. Please record the results and impression in your journal. Here is a simple six card spread:



1)      How can I best manage my energy during this New Moon?

2)      What requires my awareness during this New Moon?

3)      Where can I show more compassion in my life?

4)      What feelings need to be felt at this time?

5)      What is the deepest desire in my heart?

6)      Message from the Divine.

After figuring out what needs to be manifested write it on a piece of paper in purple ink. Then fold the paper towards you to bring your goal toward you. After having cleansed and energized the sacred space sit in front of the altar and light a purple candle. This color aids in the connection to the divine. Place the paper under the candle and place labradorite (new beginnings), amethyst (manifestation), lapis lazuli (spirituality), and clear quartz (amplification) around the candle. Take a few deep breaths to center and ground yourself. The say allowed: “Moonless Night, with new beginnings take flight. O Divine bring to me what I seek, clear my path and give me speed. For my highest and best, so mote it be.”   Visualize your goal coming to you, make it as realistic as possible.  When you are ready blow out the candle, take the stones and the paper and put them in a pouch to carry with you until the next full moon. At the next full moon burn the paper and cleanse the crystals. Allow the Universe to work and be patient.


Blessed Be



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