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Strong Energetic New Moon/Solar Eclipse

April 30, 2022

Happy New Moon! On this day we are doubly blessed to have a Solar Eclipse happen. This is when the Moon will pass between the Sun and the Earth. This will be a partial solar eclipse so those in South America, Antarctica, and the Southern Pacific will be able to view the event. Energy of the partial eclipse may cause us to miss some details of issues we are working through. However, it may or may not make a difference about those missed details. Only time will tell. This energy can also help us redirect to a more solid path, especially if we are not on it.

Uranus is in Taurus this energy can help us with breakthroughs to unique opportunities that we have not seen before. Uranus is also conjunct the Moon and the Sun, this allows us to see our situation with a new perspective. With the Moon conjunct Uranus this energy allows use to celebrate the new beginnings and have a different perspective on it. Mars is sextile in Pisces, this gives us a lot of positive and high energy during this Moon phase. It will allow us to become more courageous with our feelings and vocalizing our needs and wants. The arrangement of Jupiter and Venus will give the benefit of good fortune and blessings. With an addition of sensual love and unbridled passion thrown into the mix.

The numerology of this day is a 13/4. This means that with the guidance of our support group we can face the new beginning to create a strong foundation. It will also help us work through any emotional to mental blocks we have. In tarot the 13th card in the major arcana is the Death card. For this New Moon this means that the possibility for a transformation can happen. For example, ending a toxic relationship to make room for a new truly loving relationship. The 4th card in the major arcana is the Emperor. For this New Moon is means that we may need to look to a person we feel is an authority figure to gain wisdom for the structure we need to move forward.

In our material word we are looking for security and self-protection from others. By contemplation and healing of our mental issues through rest and recovery we can gain a new insight into ourselves. With our new goals we may need to do a bit of reflection and re evaluation of our emotional issues. However, we are not in this alone, look to your like-minded support group to help you through. Remember to celebrate the victories no matter how large or small.

Here is the simple spell for releasing anger. This spell is best performed during a dark (New) Moon or the waning moon. Materials needed are: 3 palm sized river stones, 3 pieces of paper, natural twine or string, pen, and creek or river. On the first piece of paper write the person or situation from your past that you have anger issues with. The second piece of paper is what your current feelings about the person or situation are. The last paper is what you have learned from the person or situation and the positive outcome for yourself. Attached each piece of paper to a rock with the twine. Go to a river or stream, facing downstream take rock number 1 and throw it away from you into the water. Focusing on the letting go of the past anger. Then stand perpendicular to the water and throw rock number 2 in the water. If you are on a bridge, just drop it into the water. Focus on how you can change and grow currently. Turn facing upstream, throw rock number 3 in the water. Focusing the more positive outcome and energy coming to you form the future. As you walk away from the water leave the negative downstream and bring the positive energy from upstream with you.

Namaste Nerdys!


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