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From a young age Brenda’s natural helped her through trials and tribulations of life. Showing compassion and understanding in helping a friend or classmate was only part of her gifts. Growing into adult her natural curiosity helped guide her faith and allowed to explore other ways of contacting the Divine. In her youth she explored many nature-based ways of belief such as Wicca. This help her to expand her gifts and tune into the world around her. It was not until she dove into the studying Reiki, Tarot, and Mediumship that she found her true calling in helping others through reading or teaching.All of her life she quietly held a love for superheroes, movies, and TV. She now embraces all of her fandoms and will sometime use them as examples in readings or teaching. Her witty sarcasm and sense of fun brings an air joy and love in all she does.For any questions regarding readings, class, or workshops please feel free to contact her.

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