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Storing your Tarot or Oracle Deck

Now that you have a shiny new tarot deck what do you do with it? As you start you journey into the world of tarot it can be confusing. Especially the caring and storage of your deck. Here are a few tips to help clear the confusion.

But first you must ignore all of the weird myths that surrounding the tarot. For example, you are not allowed to buy your first deck it must be given to you. Which I did not find that myth out until after I purchased the deck. It is okay if you use money to buy the deck and you can read for yourself. Now that is taken care of here are a few useful tips in the care and storage of your tarot deck.

1) Putting your in something is more for the protection of the cards then for any spiritual purpose. For example, I crochet drawstring bags for my decks. This is so I do not lose any of the cards. There is a plethora of tarot bags, boxes, containers, etc. to use. Just pick the one that you like and suits you. I even have a few decks I keep in their original packaging. My tarot teacher kept his deck wrapped in a rubber band in a Ziploc bag. Now that is fancy.

2) What do you do with the deck when it is not in use? If you have a personal altar I would place them on there to charge. If you do not then you can place where that will not get damaged from any forces of nature, four legged friends, or children. After a while when you have collected enough you will keep them in places such as your purse, on a shelf, bookcase, or even by your bedside.

The thing to remember is that the tarot deck is a tool much like a hammer or screwdriver. You would not wrap a screwdriver in the finest silk and place it in the fanciest tool box. Store your tools for protection and have them handy for when you need them. Also, it is good to use them everyday in the beginning to truly get to know your deck.

Namaste Nerdys!

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