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Caution! Libra New Moon


It is that time in the lunar cycle where new beginnings abound. This New Moon falls in the sign of Libra which brings in a need to smooth over rough situations with a sense of delicacy. However, with the New Moon conjunct Mars there is a lot of energy that must be put to a constructive use. If not the impatience and hotheadedness of Mars can lead to anger and sometimes violence. A word of caution is at hand, be mindful of the Mars’ passionate energy and the Libra’s need for balance and control. Mercury is conjunct with the Moon, Sun, and Mars, this brings an imbalance which will need to be fixed by people working hard to correct the imbalance. Uranus brings in an energy of BIG change and rebellion. A situation my arise where it will require some composure, willingness to listen, and discipline. With this strong Mars energy, it can help with achieving goals and where anger can turn violence if not checked. In this New Moon a great degree of caution and patience is needed before jumping into the unknown.

This New Moon adds up to a 12/3 in numerology. This means the energy in this phase of the cycle is working with someone to create something new. There will also be a time when you will need to create a balance within a group. So, seek patience and understanding with yourself and others when situations do not go the way you with wish them to go.

Letting go of restrictions within yourself can help gain the knowledge you have been seeking. Plant the seed of this new beginning and allow it to fertilize and mature as needed. See the beauty in your journey. You may run into a fear or loss along the way. Do not stay long in this phase, find the lesson you need to learn. This is a great time for healing old wounds and to celebrate your accomplishments. Through teamwork and learning you can advance in your career. But do not allow arrogance or ignorance to cause you to go down the path of fear and anger. At the end of this phase is a happy times and new friendships will be waiting for you.

If fear and anger have you stuck on your spiritual journey, here are a few things you can do. Write a letter to the person or situation you are angry about. Sometimes we feel unheard and writing out the feelings can help let go them. When you are done either burn the letter or bury the letter. This releases the energy to the Universe to be recycled into neutral energy.

Happy Libra New Moon!


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