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Full Moon, Good Moon

Happy Full Moon! Grab your crystals, jars for moon water, and your partner for some Full Moon fun! This full moon lands in the sign of Aquarius which can influence our intimate relationships in a good way. The Full Moon will occur at a critical degree which will amplify the moon’s full energy. Which can magnify the significance of any issues and feelings. With the Sun opposite the Moon, it will bring in any issues with family, home, and intimate relationships to a clearer focus for a few weeks. However, the home vs. work pressures can create some strain both internally and externally.

Jupiter is conjunct with the Full Moon which can bring a sense of optimism, good luck, success, and generosity your way. A variety of new opportunities will come your way in the form of travel, spiritual and intellectual growth, and new adventures. They will also bring opportunities for growth in relationships through honesty and openness. However, Jupiter is retrograde, this may awaken a former injustice to be revealed and dealt with. Spirit is giving you a chance to act where you have been procrastinating. Be aware of these energies and look at them as a learning moment or a karmic moment.

According to numerology at the start of this phase it is an 17/8. This means that this phase will begin with creating a commitment of growth to yourself. Dedicating some time to you and stepping fully on the path to your goals is a great way to start this phase. By fully connecting to your path can begin the process of gaining new rewards. Remember self-care is not selfish, it is creating happiness within yourself.

The energy of this Full Moon is one of new goals and reflection. Spirit is urging you to reflect on your past, choices, and realize your true goals. Things that you need to see or know, are looking for the generosity of others around you. Either by sharing their wealth of knowledge or by their shared experiences. Find those who you vibe with to help you along your journey. Being too hasty or not thinking things through are some things that you may need to release. You can all upon the Divine and your intuition to help through the difficult times.

Some intention ideas for this Full Moon would be to focus on intimate relationships or finding love. This love can be either with yourself or with someone else. If you are having issues within the relationship look to the root of the issue not the surface disagreement. Be open with your wants and needs and listen to your partner’s wants and needs. Find ways to strengthen the union. This may cause a strong focus on the materialistic side of the relationship.

This Full Moon cycle is a wonderful time of optimism, sensuality, and new adventures. Have fun and take care of you. You are part of the Divine and the Divine is within you.

Namaste Nerdys

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