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Seeing Signs from Spirit

Is Spirit or the Divine truly listening? We meditate and pray, but how do we know we are being heard? These are some the questions I have asked while on my own spiritual journey. How do we know that our questions are even being heard?

Some would say to just have faith that the Divine will hear and respond. Faith is a big word when it comes to waiting for our answers. Because we want enlightenment NOW! Patience goes with faith in knowing that we need to let the Divine do its work. You see the Divine needs time to arrange the universe for our answers or requests. That takes time. Patience is a virtue and we virtually do not have any as humans. This is because on the other side things are instantaneous, but when we are reincarnated we forget that things are different, slower.

Does Spirit give us a sign that they are listening? Yes, but we may not see it. We are either too busy with day to day activities or we are just not looking in the right way. Being aware is the big key. When you are in meditation, talk with your spiritual guides and teachers arrange a code that can be sent for confirmation. This code needs to be something that you will not see every day. For example, I knew a person who arranged with their spiritual guides and teachers to have a butterfly appear to them as confirmation. Butterflies are a common symbol in the spring and summer, but this butterfly appeared in December with snow on the ground. Now that is an unmistakable sign.

After you make the arrangements with your guides and teachers and pick your usual sign, then start looking for the sign. The sign can come from anywhere, be on anything, or show up at any time. Be aware of symbols you are given in meditation and in your dreams. Because the signs can be in your dreams and meditations as well as on a giant billboard, awareness is the key.

Throughout history the Divine has given us signs, omens, miracles, or messages to comfort or strengthen our faith. Signs like a Catholic statue that will cry in blood for no reason, or seeing the shapes of angels in light or in shadows are found all over the world. These sign are here for us to decide, as individuals, what is their true meaning. The Divine is all around us and inside of us and it is always giving us signs.


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