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Seven way to create a Sacred Space

All spiritual belief systems have ideas regarding the showing of the faith within the home. Jewish homes have a parchment in a case called a mezuzah on every doorway this protects them for evil. Crosses and crucifixes will be present in the Christian home. In the Muslim faith the entire home is considered a place of worship. Spaces in Buddhist homes will have candles, incense, and flowers. All of these items remind the occupant of their devotion to the Divine.

But for those who are spiritual but not religious, how can they great a space to honor their belief system? Here are 7 ideas for creating a sacred space in your home to honor and remind you of your spiritual journey.

1) Find the place in your home that feels good to you. It can be anything from a small corner in your living room to an entire room. The key is that the area helps energize you and keep you focused during your practices. When you have the space you like then it is a good idea to energetically cleanse and bless the area before you start building the space. Clear out anything that is not related to your spiritual practices.

2) Keep the area clean and uncluttered. The space needs to be clean both physically and energetically, so periodic cleaning is suggested. Clutter invites negative energy according to some Eastern traditions. With an unclean and cluttered sacred space it is hard to focus your energies when you keep thinking about cleaning the area.

3) Bring Nature into your space. Using plants and flowers can uplift the space and create a positive feeling. You can also use things like rocks and crystals to raise and focus the energy. If you have pets that are mischievous just be mindful of what plants and the size of rocks in case your pet likes to eat things other than their food.

4) Play relaxing music. During your time of prayer, meditation, chanting, etc. it helps to play music that is soothing, preferably with no words. So, playing your favorite Nine Inch Nails songs may not invoke the relaxing mood you need. It is also good to place the music close to you or have a remote to help you control the volume and/or selection.

5) Use aromatherapy or incense. The use of aromatherapy or incense triggers the body and mind to relax. Smells, either good or bad, trigger memories and feelings, for example the smell of a campfire can trigger a memory of a camping trip you enjoyed. This would invoke positive feelings and energies.

6) Add a personal spiritual touch to the space. Symbols that represent a positive reflection of your faith will keep you focused and uplifted. These symbols can be anything like statues, pictures, tokens, jewelry, etc., whatever helps you feel positive. Some folks feel good with angels so they will adore their space with pictures and statues of angels. Some will have pictures of loved ones who have passed on, so they are remembered.

7) Make your sacred space a No Tech zone. If you are using a guided meditation or music from YouTube, iHeart radio, Pandora, Spotify or any other kind of app make sure that it will not be a distraction. Meditation apps such as Insight Timer are good. Just make sure you you do not get a text or a phone during the meditation. The idea is that you do not want to be disturbed during your devotion time. Take a tech time out.

These are just some ideas that can be used to help create a sacred space in your home. Creating this space is important to the spiritual journey and to help you become more connected to the Divine. For each spiritual journey is unique and personal to each person. Remember we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

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