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On the Full Moon I Release...

February’s full moon can be called the Quickening Moon, but it is more commonly called the Snow Moon. According to the Farmer’s Almanac Captain John Carver in the1760’s wrote that this full moon was a snow moon because more snow fell during this period. I am not sure this still holds up due to climate change.  This full moon is also a micromoon, this is the opposite of a supermoon. The moon is 252,225 miles away from the Earth.

The numerology of this date is 17/8. This means that the goals you began in the New Moon will be rewarded. With the Full Moon being in Virgo practicality and rational behavior can help in achieving any goal. The manifestations of past intentions are ready for the harvest. When you are releasing or manifesting make sure your thoughts, actions, and intentions are connected. That connection will be stronger at this time.

The lunar cycle from the Full Moon to the New Moon is a cycle of release and letting go. Releasing issues, bad habits, negativity, or toxic relationships that are no longer for your greatest good are excellent during this time.  Before you begin any releasing ritual you must have your intent on what you are releasing clearly in your mind. Try to release one thing at a time.  Whatever you wish to let go of needs to have time to work and you need to release it mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually from all of your bodies.

Here is a simple releasing ritual, you will need a white candle (for new beginnings), 8 tumbled stones (2 aquamarines for clarity, 2 amethysts for overcoming bad habits, 2 carnelians for confidence, 2 smokey quartz for removing toxic thoughts), a bowl, moon water, and a piece of paper. First write what you wish to release on the paper, add any sigils or symbols. Fold the paper away from you. Place the bowl on your altar or other safe surface. Light the candle and allow a few drops of wax to drip onto the bottom of the bowl, then place the candle in the wax. Carefully place the stones around the candle, in any way you wish. Gently pour the water over the stones to just cover them.

Take your intention paper and begin ripping it up into little pieces and placing them in the water. Take a few minutes to visualize the intention being released from you and into the water. When you feel ready say: “On this Full Moon, I release that which no longer serves me. I release all the pain, blocks, and fears holding me back. I release all unhealthy cords and toxic relationships. I will awaken free of guilt, hurt, and negative bondage. For the good of all, harm to none. And so it is.”

As you let the candle melt down, sit with your emotions about the intention. Feel what you need to feel. Just let it go from your being. When you feel you are done blow out the candle if it is still lit. Take out the stones to cleanse later. Then take water and the paper and throw it out. Preferably outside of your house. Just remember the deeper the issue the longer and harder it can be to release. Be kind to yourself and others.


Blessed Be


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