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Change is Good, Major Shifts are Better

New Moon/ Solar Eclipse in Gemini

June 10, 2021

We are just fresh off a lunar eclipse on May 26 and now a solar eclipse hit us. Strong energies are afoot. Eclipses in general usually coincide with major energy shifts in life. This solar eclipse will last about 43 minutes with the annular portion, ring of fire, lasting only 3 minutes. And will only be seen in Canada, Northeastern United States, Greenland, and Eastern Russia. But the energy will be felt on a wider scale.

The solar eclipse (solar eclipse conjunct Moon) will prove an initiative burst of energy to help you get things done. This will also bring a balance of emotions enabling you to see things clearly. Rethink old behaviors and beliefs about yourself and your path. The Sun is also conjunct with Mercury, which is in retrograde, causing you to focus on how you communicate and your changing thought patterns. A difficult conversation may need to take place. It maybe difficult to find motivation or enthusiasm about things this is the effect from the solar eclipse square with Neptune. Neptune is also square with Mercury causing insecurity, misunderstandings, and confusion.

All of this happens when this New Moon is in Gemini. This will allow you to let go of your familiar side so you can show more of your hidden side. This enables you to face something about yourself that allow you to expand your awareness. Helping to bring the change you may not want is the effect of Saturn square Uranus. This can cause difficulties in making the changes you do want to make; it can be a bit irritating.

The numbers of this day equal out to a 12/3. A partnership with someone can help you start a new venture, but it will be a true team effort to bring it to a success. Letting go of self-imposed limitations can help to see things differently. Seeing the beauty and potential of new ideas or projects that are just beginning with bring abundance your way. Apply the new knowledge and skills to your career path. Learning creates brain wrinkles. Now is the time to come together as a community to celebrate and to heal. Be mindful of the fear and grief that may invade your thoughts. Healing is happening even as you launch into a new venture.

To release an old habit or emotional issue you can just yeet it in the water. To do this you will need some medium to large stones that have a smooth spot, a paint marker of any color, and a body of water such as a lake, pond, river, etc. Take a rock and write or draw on it the issue or habit you want to release. Hold the rock in your hands and focus on this habit or issue. When you feel ready take a deep breath and throw the rock as far as you can into the water. Feeling the habit or issue leave your energy field and sink into the water. Do this as many times as needed. Write out a plan for new habits to replace the old habits in your life. For the emotional issues look at the positive that came out of the situation. Releasing the old makes room for the new.

What are you doing to celebrate the New Moon/ Solar Eclipse?

Namaste Nerdys


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