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Full Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon!?!

May 26, 2021

If you live in Australia, parts of western United States and South America, or South East Asia you will get to see this lunar eclipse. But the energy will be felt all over. This is also called a Full Blood Moon because the moon will have a red color to it. This eclipse will be taking place in the “claws of the scorpion” which is the two brightest stars in the Libra constellation. This will encourage the energy of deceit, crime, and disease. When things happen in this area it can be problematic. A lunar eclipse is where the Earth travels directly between the Sun and Moon. This energy brings issues with home, family, and relationships into a sharper focus. Emotions can run extremely high at this time. This may also be a great time to collect our past progression through recording it in a journal, scrapbook, etc.

If there is a sense of letting go part of a plan or dream, temporarily, this is due to Moon square Jupiter in Pisces. Bringing on a need to release some issues and move forward with a feeling of relief. A test of faith due to greediness, excess, or immortality may need to be taken. The Moon is also sextile to Saturn (which is in retrograde), where it feels like things may have stalled at a crucial point. But do not stress, it can be pick up again easily. With Saturn in Aquarius things will need to be accomplished in a certain or traditional fashion. Additionally, Mercury and Venus are square with Neptune this can add confusion, deception, and vulnerability. In a nutshell, beef up those personal protection methods.

On this 18/9 day, numerologically speaking, it is a good time to finish up old projects, issues, or past conflicts. So, you can begin to enjoy the reward of a new path to happiness. Beware of illusions, fear, anxiety, and insecurity that may block your path. Use your intuition to guide you through. Needing to step back from things to do some introspection and seek inner guidance with help, just do not forget to listen. In your job/career look to all your accomplishments with a sense of gratitude. It is okay to be proud of your success. A feeling of satisfaction and contentment my find you, happiness is present in life. Your thoughts may try to drag you back into fear, depression, or negativity. Use your coping methods to stop the negative train of thought. That train is not your, so try to disembark. Prepare for some new opportunities for growth but be ready for a challenge or possibly a test of faith.

Overall, this energy can force us to close the door on the negativity, while we open the door to gratitude, success, and faith. We are all learning and growing on this spiritual journey. Be kind to yourself and others.

Namaste Nerdys


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