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New Moon Manifestation

A New Moon can be a time for reflection and manifestation. The darkness of this energy allows us to look within ourselves to find things we are lacking, such as self-love or self-worth. Just know that you have all the tools to manifest what you need to bring them into your life.  All you need to do is to just do it. This is a time to changing your thought patterns and release some emotional baggage. Prosperity and new opportunities await you.

Before your New Moon ritual you might want to do a simple two card oracle or tarot spread.  One card represents the new beginning you need to embrace. And the other card represents what you need to let go to move forward. Then meditate on these answers in your ritual bath or during your daily meditation.

To manifest something into your life you can do a simple candle spell. Using the answers from the tarot spread above clearly define what you would like to bring into your life. Choose the color of candle that corresponds to your goal, or you can choose white. Anoint the candle in oil then roll the candle in a mixture of chamomile, lavender, salt, and rose petals that have been ground down to a powder like consistency. Place the candle in a holder or on a heat safe plate. Take a piece of paper and write your intent on it. Make sure it is simple and short. Add any sigils or symbols to add to the energy. Fold the paper toward you a few times, this shows the energy that you want it to come to you. 

After your ritual bath, cleanse and energize your space. This clears out any negativity and elevates the positivity energy left over. When ready, place the plate with the candle in front of you along with a fire safe container such as a cast iron cauldron. If you like place four quartz crystal points around the candle in the four cardinal directions with the points facing toward the candle. 

Hold your folded paper in your hands and visualize these things manifesting in your life. Repeat a prayer several times. Such as “May the divine energy of the New Moon help to manifest (your request) with abundance and grace. I am open and ready for this change. For the good of all and harm to none. And so it is.”  Light the candle and let it burn for a bit focusing on the flame. Then light paper with the flame and place in cauldron to let it burn out. Allow the candle to completely burn down. Just remember not to leave any lit candle unattended.

Give your manifestation time to work. Check in with it around the Full Moon. Some manifestations take some time, and some come to fulfillment quickly. If need be, refine your manifestation and try again at the next New Moon. 


Blessed Be to all! 


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