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Full Moon in Sagittarius

June 14, 2022

Happy Full Moon!! It’s time to charge our spiritual tools in a moonlight bath. It is also a time to use this energy for our spiritual growth. This full moon is in Sagittarius, this can help with overcoming confusion, deception, illness, or addiction with a more mature and committed approach. There also a call for emotional freedom and growth in the everyday realities. However, with Neptune square the Moon this just might bring some feelings of insecurity and confusion. Emotional growth can help to stabilize things in the future. Each emotional challenge will give you the opportunity to learn and grow which can take you the that next stage of spiritual evolution. Remember, you cannot control others, you can only control yourself and your actions.

Moon is sextile Saturn; this means that there is a subtle urgency to put a plan in place. This may also present the conflicting feeling of staying put. With the dualistic extremes, maintaining a middle path to see both sides clearly with help you with a bigger understanding. This will allow for greater acceptance of the path. With Saturn being in retrograde, there maybe a link to the past or past lives.

This day is a 17/8, this energy will give you the understanding of where you are headed in your emotional journey and could lead to many rewards. This is a great time to walk away from past emotional issues and relationships that are not working for you. Letting go can be an emotionally freeing experience. The mind may be in conflict or there maybe feelings of isolation, these are temporary. The use of happy coping mechanisms will come in handy. Having compassion and patience with yourself or others is key. Self-care is self-love. Spirit may bring you opportunities that will require quick action for the best results. In your job or career, a call for more education or practice will help you along your path. Keep hope and serenity close to you during this time.

Namaste 😊

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