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Full Moon of Renewal

Happy Full Moon in Leo! This is the first full moon of the year. It was coined the Cold Moon by the Indigenous People, it alluded to cold weather. The numerology for this Full Moon is a 7. This means that it is time to make a commitment to yourself to release what is not serving you. Cleansing and releasing rituals and spells can help you wash away things in your past you do not need.

Now is the time for personal growth and change but with some self-control and moderation. Taking charge of your life path and not veering off to one side or the other will give you a sense of purpose. Remember you can only control you. Stay on the course and you will persevere.

Different opportunities for growth will come up but hold your ground. Keep a reminder of your goals. In your career look back at all you have gained and learned. Even if you do not realize it, you have gained a lot of knowledge and experience. As emotional issues arise, work through them one trigger at a time. Look for the root cause or issue.

When your thoughts begin to bog you down and stay in a continuous loop, be aware of the negative thoughts. Then change the negative thought loop with a positive thought loop. This will take time, so be patient with yourself.

To do a ritual for releasing you will need paper, purple ink, small black candle, herbs (carnation, lavender, rosemary, lemon balm), and a fire safe container. First write on the paper what you wish to be released from such as a past event or issue. You can add releasing sigils on the paper. Carefully fold the paper away from you several times. In the fire safe container, place the herbs and then the paper. Light the candle and allow a few drops of wax to pool then place the candle on top of the pool. This should hold the candle in place.

As you watch the candle flame visualize the issue leaving you energy field and going into the flame. Say several times, “I release all fear and pain from my past. I allow myself to grow and change for my highest and best.” Watch the candle burn down to light the paper and herb on fire. Sometimes the flames may need a little help. When the flames are completely out, allow the ashes to cool then throw them in the trash.


Bright Blessings to All


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