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Happy Pisces New Moon

This New Moon is a time to be hopeful. With the Moon conjunct with Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, and it being a Pisces New Moon it offers the fewest number of boundaries for us. It also helps to encourage us to seek material, personal, and spiritual growth. This helps us to escape from the emotional, mental, and

physical issues for a while and feel more freedom. Sun is conjunct the Moon which means an end of the lunar cycle, bringing an emotional balance and allowing for a fresh start. It can help us investigate and question our old habits that no longer work for us. With Neptune and Jupiter occupying the same house as the Moon while it is on Pisces, this can help to loosen our imagination. While allowing a wider view on things.

The New Moon is sextile Uranus which hails in a sense of positive change and wonderful surprises. This is the good time to pay attention to your intuition and maybe take a few risks. With Mercury conjunct Saturn this can be a time of encountering some serious and heavy personal responsibility. With Venus conjunct both Mars and Pluto it may bring in deep passionate feelings of love and even a life altering karmic relationship. However, be aware that with Mars conjunct Pluto it can intensify ambition, drive, and a lust for power. Just be mindful of your intentions and thoughts.

This day is an 11/2. Eleven is a master number and has a very strong energy around it. With is number you may have a big revelation or enlightenment. But be aware that martyrdom and a sense of moral righteousness can also come onto play. However, the feminine energy of the two helps to balance the energy and create a feeling of self-consciousness.

The High Priestess Card tells us to seek out our intuition and look to the divine to help us see the truth. The Justice card is telling us to look for the cause and effect of the truth of things. Look toward peace to help resolve differences. Check for any blocked emotions when dealing with issues. Our emotions of union and harmony may need some cooperation for another party. Our workplace may need some better time management and prioritization. Remember balance is the key. We may have some influence over others when planning for the future, confidence is the important when presenting ideas.

Since this New Moon is on a Wednesday the energy for doing spell work that focuses on job/career issues, travel, and intellectual pursuits is high. Here is a spell for Starting a New Business. You will need an envelope, a pen, 3 small seeds, a green candle, crystals (citrine, lodestone, and clear quartz), herbs for dressing the candle (basil, lemon balm, sage), anointing oil for dressing the candle, and a personal sigil for your new business. Prep your candle ahead of time. After you cast your circle, write on the envelope the name of your business and the sigil. Place the seeds inside the envelope, do not seal it. Light the candle and say:

“This new business starts right here,

May it grow and prosper throughout the years,

No stress nor conflict negate my drive,

For Now it starts, you are alive!”

And so it is

Place the envelope in the home or office where it will no be disturbed. Every three months add larger seeds to the envelope and repeat the incantation. After a year, buy the envelope in the ground for continued growth.

Namaste Nerdys


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