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Jasmine flowers have been revered for centuries as the most spiritual of all the flowers. Originally grown from the Middle East all the way to the Far East these flowers have used in everything from homemade remedies to true essential oils. The flower symbolizes the aspects of purity and grace. It is also linked to the Hindu god Vishnu.

The magickal properties of the Jasmine are: love, peace, sensuality, sleep, psychic dreams, and astral travel. Jasmine corresponds will with the Moon, the element of water and the divine feminine. When using moon magick combined with Jasmine it is to be used in workings for: prophecy, dreaming, attraction, and more. The two main uses for Jasmine in magickal workings is for love spells and for divination. Jasmine Tea is great to drink for many types of the divination workings.

Jasmine is also known for being used in the sexual magick. Just the scent of Jasmine helps to create the right mental, emotional, and physical response for good sexual arousal. It may also help with issues of sexual arousal for both men and women. Let’s just say that this flower can really get your motor going.



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