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Leo New Moon

This New Moon pounces into the sign of Leo which allows us to focus on our creative process. It also craves a fresh energy or inspiration that only comes from within and our environment. This energy can amplify the ego and pride. There may be a strong urge to express your inner truth, whether people like it or not. Be ready for some unexpected changes in a progressive way. This will allow flexibility and awareness to come forward. With the Sun conjunct the Moon this brings in the energy of ending one cycle and the beginning a different cycle from what was learned in the previous cycle. Strive for an emotional balance between ego and the higher self.

This New Moon cycle begins numerologically with a 19/1. This mean that it is ending a cycle of personal and spiritual growth. Find success and positivity in the next phase of your journey. Look to the skills that have been gained, the resourcefulness, and power for you next action. New relationships are blossoming. Be aware of overwhelming emotions. Look to creative outlets and pleasurable activities to help elevate negative emotional swings.

Use your passion and creativity to sprout a seed of financial opportunity. Start manifesting your new financial future, because only you can control your future. Let go of any old anger and quarrels, they are holding you back. Through true mental clarity can you find the power and victories in life. Fear can also hold you back from stepping into that new beginning.

Here is ritual for this New Moon to help release a fear. You will need a knife or other carving tool, either a black (banish) or blue (healing) candle, aquamarine (dispels fear), rhodonite (soothes fear), sodalite (clears negativity), clear quartz (amplifies), allspice (fear), cinnamon (fear/healing), black pepper (banishes fear), paper and pen. Prepare your candle by carving the fear you want to release on the side of the candle. Anoint and rub oil on the candle, then roll in the herb mixture. Place the candle on heat safe plate. Create your petition paper with your name and the fear you want to dispel and place it under the plate. Add the crystals and the remaining herbs on the plate at the base of the candle. Set up your sacred space for your new moon ritual. When you get to the part of your ritual you wish to add the spell lite the candle and say:

“As this candle burns, so does my fear.

Up to you (add deity here) for you to hear.

Relieve me from this dread.

Blessed be, so it is said. “

As the candle burns visualize the fear burning away from you, leaving all of your bodies. Let the candle burn all the way down. When it is finished burning take the remains of the candle, herbs, and the petition paper and dispose of it. Clean and recharge the crystals. Document the results in your journal or BOS.

What are you doing this new moon?

Namaste Nerdys


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