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Libra Full Moon

Full Moon in Libra

March 28, 2021

Welcome to the Worm Moon. It is called this because this is the time of the year when the earthworms awaken from their slumber to herald in the robins. My Mother used to tell me that if we see fat robins then spring is right around the corner. Spring is time of year for renewal and rebirth, also shedding of the old things that no longer serve you. Spring is busting out all over.

The energy of this Full Moon is urging us to create a balance between our personal needs and the needs of someone else. When a loved one needs our help, we will sometimes forget to care for ourselves. Libra is asking for balance; someone’s needs are not being meet. Maybe, a day of self-care or sometimes and evening with some wine and a bubble bath. It is okay to express your needs and find ways to fulfill them. This is an opportunity to begin healing the imbalance. As a care giver it is okay to want something for yourself, you deserve it. Look to the resources around you, they can help you. Whether it is family, friends, or a social agency. Looking at the imbalance from a different angle or attitude can help if you get stuck.

Numerology for this day is an 18/9. This energy is embracing the rewards of spiritual lessons at the end of this cycle. By recognizing the that your needs are not being met and then expressing those needs, you can find the rewards you are deserving. This will break this cycle of imbalance.

For the tarot in this day, Major Arcana is Moon (18) and the Hermit (9). Sometimes we get stuck in the fear and anxiety of looking weak or that we can not handle it. We are not Superheroes who can do it all. We need to look inward to find that inner guidance that says it is okay to ask for help. We are not weak for asking for help. We will find more happiness and success in our relationships if we show that we are not perfect and can express our needs. We can find more success in our job/career if we look to a more self-sufficient way of thinking and being a bit prudent with our finances. Do not let fear, anxiety, or regret to dominate our thoughts or rule our lives, you can control it. Either by medication or by therapy, or even sometimes just a day of self-care. Facing this challenge of expressing this imbalance can help you embrace new opportunities or spiritual lessons with a strong sense of order. Because you have been through the rough part already.

What are you doing to create balance in this Libra Full Moon?

Namaste Nerdys 😊


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