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New Beginning New Moon

Happy New Moon!! Time for embracing a new beginning or if you just need a fresh start. With the energy of the Sun which will be sextile Mars you receive a boost in your confidence. Using the strength and courage from this energy it will help you find the emotional balance you maybe needing. A sense of optimism and happiness comes with the Sun also being sextile with Jupiter. Good luck is on your side. With Mars trine Jupiter, this is a great time for the right decisive action. So, if you have been sitting on the fence about something now is the right time to act.

In numerology, today is an 11/2. This means with the master number of 11 we are adding the energy of karma, intuition, and enlightenment combined with the energy of balance and cooperation of the 2. Pulling tarot cards from the major arcana that match these numbers we get Justice (11) and High Priestess (2). By seeking the truth about our spiritual and intuitive nature we can create a balance within ourselves. This can lead us to down the path to our personal enlightenment.

Pulling the two of each suit in the minor arcana it shows that in our job/career side of our lives we feel the need for balance and time management. Prioritizing what we need versus what we want. This can help us overcome some obstacles that might be in our way. In our relationships we may be needing a feeling of partnership or some show of affection. Finding that union that has both a sexual attraction and cooperation can be tricky. Just do not let our emotions flow too far in one direction. We are finding the courage to unblock some emotions and thoughts that will help us find peace and see through our indecision. Planning for any future opportunities can help us discover our true potential.

So, what can we do with this energetic information? As you plan your ritual or spell decide on what your intention for this New Moon cycle. Keep in mind all celestial and spiritual energies that are working with you. Write out your intention so it is clear to you and to the Universe. Having a clear intention can make all the difference. Find the spell or ritual that fits your needs. If you can not find the right one you can pull elements from different spells or rituals to help you create your own custom ritual or spell. Just be respectful of any deities or religious content. The flow of a ritual or spell should feel natural and organic. If you must force any part of it or if it feels out of place do not it. Because it will disrupt the flow of the energy.

What is your intention for this New Moon? How are you going to bring about a new begin in your spiritual journey?

Namaste Nerdys


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