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New Moon, New Love

March 13, 2021

A New Moon occurs when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun. This month the New Moon is happening in the sign of Pisces. This is a great time to manifest your dream relationship or to just add some romance into your current relationship. So maybe try a crystal grid or spell to help harness this energy.

With the New Moon being conjunct with Venus we see an opportunity to bring in love, peace, harmony, and beauty. This is a good time to focus on love type relationships. If you are manifesting a partner in life, you may want to define your idea of a loving relationship by doing a pros and cons list. If you are currently in a good relationship maybe find ways to put romance into it. Finding love and beauty in life is always a good thing.

The Sun is conjunct Neptune which increases your sensitivity, intuition, and empathy. Empathies be aware of this energy and do not let it overwhelm you. Just be aware of how people and even the environment can affect your thoughts and feelings. This maybe a good time to strengthen your personal protection methods. Or maybe try a new method of protection with some pocket stones or even a small incantation.

Venus is conjunct with Neptune which brings the potential for new love relationships or add compassion in a current relationship. This can also be time to strengthen spiritual bonds within a relationship. Maybe try some tantric sex or just do a couple’s meditation.

This day is a 12/3 in numerology. This means that today is a time to look at all our relationships. Our intimate relationships, familial relationships, work relationships, friends, acquaintances, and so on. Are there any toxic relationships that you are hold on to? Is this relationship for your highest and best? Are you building a relationship with Spirit? One way to get rid of toxic relationships is to bring good, positive relationships into your life. What are some examples of good stable relationships in your life?

I also pulled Tarot cards corresponding to the numerology. For the Major Arcana I pulled out the Hanged Man which is the 12th card and the Empress which is the 3rd card. What this tells me is that we need to find the beauty and knowledge within ourselves. Make sure our boundaries are respected. Finding abundance and growth in our relationships, can be found if we let go of our self-limiting beliefs. Yes, we all desire love and to be loved.

In the Minor Arcana, I pulled the 3 of each suit, each of the suit represents an aspect of our lives. In our relationships there is potential for happiness and healing. If we need to heal from a past relationship now is good time to do that. Sometimes on a relationship whether it is a current or past, we carry some fear. Are you still grieving for a relationship? Do you have a fear of rejection? In our job and career, we will need to find success through teamwork and learning. So, take advantage of any training or classes that come your way. Also look for way to expand our spiritual path and prepare for the next phase of our journey.

This New Moon of full of energy to work through our relationship issues and to create a space for loving ourselves. A good way to start your journey to finding that “soulmate” is you must start from within.

Namaste Nerdys


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