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New Moon with Attitude

May 30, 2022

This New Moon falls in the sign of Gemini and during a Mercury Retrograde. We can expect a large increase in energy that can easily turn negative. However, this energy can be used to get things done and make things happen. If the rage monster gets you, channel it into creating change. With this Mercury Retrograde New Moon, negative and nasty thoughts and words can anger this rage monster which could possibly hurt others. Be mindful of your words and actions. Are you coming from a place of positive intentions?

The sign of Gemini is linked to thought, conversation, movement, and travel. So, use this time for developing your support network and to help focus the bustling activity. There may be an urge to try new experiences and adventures. Making our thoughts and feelings known and understood are imperative. Remember, how these things are voiced can determine how they are received. Be mindful.

Numerologically, this day is a 14/5. This means that a new beginning with a strong foundation can usher in the change you are seeking. It can also bring up some challenges and issues that need to be looked and dealt with. Some old beliefs and traditions may need to be looked at and changed because of growth in your moral meter. Balance and purpose can provide guidance and help with mental health. Moderation is the key to happiness.

Tough times on the financial front can create some feelings of isolation and a sense of failure. Tightening the purse strings can cause some worry and insecurity. Try to not let counting every penny consume you. If possible, seek advice from a financial advisor. This is only temporary, and things will turn around soon.

Regret, Disappointment, and dejection may creep into you emotional well-being. This is a good time to work through these feelings. A way to help you figure out the root of these feelings is the journal them out. Feelings can be messy and over whelming at times. Releasing those stuck emotions can help you grow and move forward. Be kind to yourself. If those feeling are too strong, please seek the help of a mental health counselor.

In your relationships there maybe disagreements, competition, or a bit of rivalry. This is okay because they are just mild conflicts and can be easily solved with good communication. In some instances, hurt feelings and a sense of humiliation can cause strife within a relationship or situation. Try not to play the blame game because nobody wins.

All of this can feel and sound bleak, but just remember this is a temporary situation. Focus on the positive and plan for when things get too much for you. Reach out to your support system. Develop some coping mechanism that bring a smile to your face and lift a heavy heart. Remember you are loved, and you are love.

Blessed Be


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