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Summer Solstice: Release and Heal

We have reached the halfway mark on this trip around the Sun. This is the longest amount of daylight in the year. The Earth has a tilt of about 23 degrees toward the Sun. This is a magical time for manifesting all kinds of magic. The most effective kinds are healing, love, and protection. This can also be a time for cleansing and renewal, one of the traditions for this is to perform the leap of fire. Which is to leap over a flame of some kind (safely). Fire walking is also practiced but under strict guidelines, I would not recommend without a professional present.

The energy of this time is good for starting a new venture with the help of others that will create a strong foundation for success. Big change can be overwhelming and even scary, but it is needed to transform you to the new path. This transition will allow you to create a more solid foundation for the future. Take pause to reflection on the past six months. What worked for you? What did you release? What are your new goals?

Take some extra time in contemplation of the any future plans. Make sure you are not bringing the old issues onto the new path. Celebrate the new venture and all you have accomplished. Thank those who have helped you along the way. Prosperity and abundance are not acquired alone, it is a group effort.

Financially, you may need to take control of spending and any investments. That way you can be sure your plan is moving forward and creating a stable future. When the mental health is failing take time to recharge. Stressing over fears and worries can drain your energy. Focus on the positive side and begin to heal any issues that come up.

One way to help you release and heal during time is to create a sachet (preferably green in color for healing). Stuff the sachet with any combination of herbs: Sage (cleansing negativity), Lavender (calming and de stressing), Rose (self-love), Chamomile (general healing), Lemon Balm (emotional healing), and Peppermint (physical healing). You can add any sigils or symbols to the outside elevate the energy. On a petition paper write: “I release and heal (state your purpose) from ALL of my bodies. For the good of all and harm to none.” Fold and place the petition paper in the sachet.

Create crystal grid of four single terminated quartz crystals one at each cardinal point with the points facing inward. Between and in front of the quartz place either of these tumbled stones: Rose Quartz (easing emotions), Citrine (raising the energy), Amethyst (help speed healing), Smoky Quartz (help cleanse negative energy), Selenite (help with mind over matter), and Red Jasper (help settle the mind). Place the sachet in the middle of the grid. Perform the ritual of the sabbath.

At some point during ritual remove the sachet form the crystal grid. Stand over a fire safe cauldron that is lit repeat your intention on the paper 3 times, then toss the herbs and paper into the flames. If you have a campfire going, you can toss the whole bag into the fire. As you watch the fire consume your sachet visualize the emotional energy releasing from your body and up to the Divine (or gods of your choice). Let go of any issues related to your intent. Contemplate on the positive side of the issue. What have you learned?

Go Forth and Have Fun!!

Namaste Nerdys


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