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Super Full Moon, Big Changes

With this Full Moon in Scorpio, it may be a time to investigate healing both emotional and physical issues. Since it is also a super moon this could make things more intense and emotional. However, with the Sun conjunct with Uranus a rebellious feeling or attitude may come out. The moon is also opposite Uranus which tends to indicate sudden changes and impulsiveness. Disruptive energies may also join in during this time.

The Sun is opposite the moon, this will bring a focus on home, family, and relationships issues into clear view. However, there may be a conflict between home life and work life. Use your intuition to look for a solution. Looking deeper into relationships that are not serving you or are toxic is important. Looking to your emotional strength and courage to overcome these relationship issues can help. Mars trine with the moon is helping to find strength and courage during this time of change.

The numerological energy of this day works out to be a 17/8. This means that working with Spirit, you can look deeper into the choices and commitment you have going in your life. Great rewards can come from the right choices. Having hope and strength that everything will turn out the way it should. Having patience and courage to see the changes of this time through, can give you the most rewards. Being diligent on one hand and having a “wait to act” plan on the other can help you in some tough career or job choices you may be facing. However, learning to just walk away from toxic people or places can help your emotion side. Getting bad news can play havoc with your mental state. Sometimes it is just clearing away obstacles for something better. New opportunities that come your way may need to swift action.

Just remember during this Full Moon to be kind to yourself. Changes may be hard, but they can be the most rewarding. Looking deep into the things that are blocking you from your true greatness.

Happy Super Full Moon!!

Namaste Nerdys


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